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this fucking game.

Okay let me talk about this game. This game, The Path, is a game about Little Red Riding Hood and the evil Wolf who tries to eat her. There are 5 Little Red Riding Hoods, all sisters, and each of them has their own Wolf. Each Red is different, and each Wolf is made to be her downfall, what will eat her up, in their own unique way unique to each girl, presented in an abstract manner that you only get to make sense of once you play the game. The game is an examination of these girls and conquering temptation/fear.

Sometimes, a mysterious girl in a white dress will find you, and help you avoid your wolf….

The website for this game is terrifying in a sort of web 1.0 old creepy Japanese horror haunted websites sort of way. I’m reminded of Yume Nikki, and the Crimson Room, those sorts of games. So awesome, yeesh what a blast from the past seeing this game again is :D

I’ve heard of this thing. I don’t know if I want to play it.

i REALLY recommend this game!!!!!! it is so so good and the soundtrack is incredible but pls be aware for subtle (or not so subtle, depending on your experiences) references of #rape and #child abuse

but there are no jump scares, so if that’s a thing that upsets you don’t worry it’s not gonna have things jump out and scream or anything

it IS a psychological thriller and you WILL think about it a lot for a long time afterwards and probably read the forums to see what some of the symbolism means

if you like the style of this game but want something that isn’t scary, try out the endless forest also by tale of tales - an online “game” where you play as a deer with a human face! there’s no chat system, so you communicate by mooing and dancing :-) sometimes you wear a lil flower crown it’s really cute (there’s no story though, so play it for the style and experience rather than a coherent plot)


My current wallpaper background :D


My current wallpaper background :D




if no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it then how bad of a decision can it really be

#new life motto

i think this will be my graduation quote


It is growth, then decay, then transformation.


"WW" and "Bitch" - Illustrations by Sam Spratt

With Breaking Bad coming to a close tonight, I wanted to finally give my painting of Jesse “Bitch”, its Walter White companion piece.

message to all of you vault hunters